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A Guide On How To Change Primary Admin In QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is an accounting software with various benefits and advantages over the desktop. In fact, many people prefer using QuickBooks Online. You can also get cloud services to better manage payrolls, accounting, invoices, and expenses. There is not even a need for installation as you can access the program online with all its features and some extra. Many businesses of different scales use QuickBooks online. 

In this blog, we will cover the role of the primary Admin in detail and how you can change or remove one. You will also understand the responsibilities of a Primary Admin in QuickBooks Online and their responsibilities. 

What Is Primary Admin In QuickBooks Online?

In the context of QuickBooks, Primary admins are those users who assign roles to other users. They also assign Autodesk account services. In classic user management, you can call it a contract manager and software coordinator. You can say that a primary admin has a higher priority than other users of the same software. 

Who Can Take On The Role Of Primary Admin?

The role of primary Admin can be given to an existing user as well as a new user. For an existing user, the role can simply be given to him. Whereas, for a new user, the person has to be added as a user on QuickBooks Online, and then the role can be given. 

A non-user can not transfer this position to anyone. To do so, they must also become a QuickBooks user. 

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Responsibilities Of A Primary Admin

Being a primary admin in QuickBooks Online, there are certain responsibilities that come with the role, such as:

  • Primary admins have to ensure that the users are organized.
  • They also manage the user’s access to any product. 
  • They can also control the SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • If they are the contract manager, they handle renewals and billings as well.
  • A primary admin can also assign the role of secondary and SSO admins.

How To Assign Or Change The Role Of Primary Admin? 

Before we start, there are a few things that you should be aware of before changing the primary Admin in QuickBooks Online. First, there can not be more than one Admin in a team. Two teams can have the same primary Admin, and you can assign the role through the Autodesk account. 

Now, let’s have a look at how you can assign a new primary admin in QuickBooks Online. 

Only someone who has logged in as Admin can assign or transfer the position of Administrator by following these steps:

  • The first step is to log in to QuickBooks Online as the primary Admin using the relevant credentials. 
  • Now go to the “Setting” option and select it.
  • Next, you have to go back to the “Manage users” section of the user list. 
  • Look for the user to whom you want to assign the role of primary Admin. 
  • If the user is not labeled as an administrator already, you should select “Edit” and modify their role in the Administrator.
  • Then click on the dropdown arrow and select the option of “Make Primary Admin.”
  • After the final assignment of the role, hit “Exit,” and the process will be complete.

Once the role of primary Admin is assigned, the previous primary Admin becomes the secondary Admin, as there can only be a single primary administrator in the team. 

How To Transfer Primary Admin Role To Client?

You can also transfer the role of primary Admin to a client. The process is fairly simple, and you can do it using the following steps:

  • The first step is to sign in to QuickBooks software as the client’s company’s primary Admin.
  • You will see a “Go To QuickBooks” dropdown menu.
  • Open your client’s company in the QuickBooks software, which you can find in the “Clients” menu. After selecting the client, tap on the “QuickBooks” icon.

Once the process is complete, the role of the primary Admin will be transferred to your client. 

How To Remove Primary Admin In QuickBooks Online?

Now that you know how to assign or change the role of primary Admin in QuickBooks Online, the next is to understand the steps to remove primary Admin. These are:

  • Select the user you want to assign the new role to from the list of users and follow the same steps mentioned above until you reach the dropdown arrow.
  • Select “Make Primary Admin” to proceed with the process. 
  • Confirm the assignment of the role, and you will automatically be removed as the primary Admin. 


The various types of admin roles make it convenient to manage a team in QuickBooks Online. However, being a popular software, users can come across various errors or issues in using QuickBooks software which can ruin the experience and make things difficult to manage. 

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