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QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus [Plans, Prices & Features]

As technology continues to shape the way we live and work; businesses are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient. And in this, for many, QuickBooks has become an essential tool in achieving these goals. QuickBooks is a full-fledged accounting tool that takes care of small-to-mid-sized businesses’ finance-related needs. 

This software comes in a variety of packages, and QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus is among the popular ones. And today, we will be discussing the same in detail. We will start by closely looking at it, then we will move on to its features, then what’s included in the package, and finally, who it is for. So, if you have an eye on QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus, you should definitely stick to the end. 

What Is Quickbooks Desktop Premier Plus? 

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus is a desktop-based variant of the QuickBooks package of accounting software. It is an upgrade to the QuickBooks Desktop Premier edition and offers enticing new features to help businesses automate their accounting tasks and gain valuable insights into their performance. 

It is ideal for businesses that are in need of advanced financial management capabilities. These include tasks ranging from inventory tracking and advanced reporting to job costing and payroll management. It can even help you make strategic decisions. End-year statements such as P&L statements and balance sheets would be there to get you a holistic vision of your progress. 

Thus you can plan your moves accordingly. But this is not it; QuickBooks offers an array of benefits. We will be discussing those after we take a little closer look at their features. 

What Is The Pricing For Quickbooks Desktop Premier Plus? 

The pricing for QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus starts at $799.00 per year for one user. And it increases as you add additional users. Follow the detailed pricing table for reference. 

Number of UsersPricing 

The QuickBooks Premier Plus is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. And the pricing for both platforms is the same. Overall, the pricing for QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus is quite competitive and provides businesses with everything they need to get the job done. 

What Does QuickBooks Premier Plus Subscription Include? 

The QuickBooks Premier Plus subscription includes unlimited support and data backups. It is an annual subscription. The subscription comes along with features that save your time and manages your money. Plus, it provides access to QuickBooks Desktop mobile app, which is easy to install. 

Your Desktop Premier Plus subscription will auto-renew with the credit card. Hence there is no issue with the service. In case you have purchased the software from retail, don’t forget to add your credit card on file to get smooth service. However, this product is not cloud-based, and your data will be accessible when the subscription ends. 

The subscription starts at &799/year. There are various features included with the subscription. All these features are useful and make your experience great. Let’s have a look at that. 

Includes 5 Users

  • With this subscription plan, 1-5 users can be added to QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus. 
  • It helps save time and protects your data and sensitive information with user-access levels. 

Income & Expenses 

  • This feature keeps a record of all your transactions. QuickBooks automatically import transactions from your bank and credit cards to make tracking income and expenses easy. 
  • It takes a snap of your transaction receipts and matches them with the existing expenses. 
  • QuickBooks can create custom tags and organize them into 40 tags to check your expenses. 

Invoice & Accept Payments 

  • QuickBooks Premier Plus helps create professional invoices and payment receipts. 
  • It creates invoices for services and expenses. 
  • It can accept payments directly from invoices and set reminders for outstanding payments. 
  • Check invoice statuses in real-time to accelerate collections and maintain cash flow. 

Tax Deductions 

  • Able to export important documents and share your books with the accountant. 
  • Helps organize income and expenses into tax categories. 
  • Manage business expenses and organize them in the right tax categories to track your earnings and expenses. 

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  • Helps track profitability by product, project, and client. 
  • Provides specific reports on sales summary, donor contributions, and many more. 
  • Organize automatic reporting on profit & loss, expenses, and balance sheet. 

Receipt Capture 

  • It can sort your receipts easily by taking their snap. 
  • Matches your receipts with the existing expenses. It can also create new expenses. 
  • Manages your receipts into tax categories and makes you feel secure and confident. 

Sales & Sales Tax 

  • Categorize the taxable customers and products. 
  • Helps track the tax throughout the month automatically. 
  • Provides you a report on the sales tax liability. 


  • It takes care of your brand and business requirements and customizes estimates. 
  • Keeps end-to-end information on estimates and converts them into invoices, and tracks your payment. 

1099 Contractors 

  • Records subcontractor payments and manage them to 1099 categories. 
  • Manages and files 1099 right from QuickBooks. 
  • Records every detail of your payment ( who, what, and when you paid). 

Bill Management 

  • Tracks and manage your bills and purchase in one place. 
  • Keep a record of your cash flow and work on unpaid bills. 
  • Check unpaid bills from a vendor and manage your payment. 

Time Tracking 

  • Can track billable hours (by employee or client) and add them to invoices. 
  • Let you enter hours yourself and provides secure access to employees to enter their time. 
  • It can integrate with QuickBooks Time Elite for easy time tracking. 

Inventory Management 

  • Keep track of the product and cost of goods and notify when Inventory is running low. 
  • Manage Inventory against loss and theft. 
  • Can create a purchase order to check what’s on order. 
  • You can get most inventory features in the Advanced Inventory.

What Are The Features Of Quickbooks Desktop Premier Plus? 

Track Income, Expenses & Sales Tax

  • Helps you keep track of all the income you earned and expenses you incurred. 
  • This program categorizes your transactions for you once you connect your bank accounts and credit cards. 
  • Helps you to keep track of accounts and report on it. 


  • Allows you to design professional-looking custom invoices to be sent to your customers. 
  • Helps you add logo and branding elements to it. 
  • This program can track the invoices that are paid and which are outstanding on their own. 

Send Estimates

  • Helps you create estimates for your clients. 
  • The estimates can be transformed into invoices to streamline your billing process. 

Manage Bills & Accounts Payable

  • It makes it easy to manage your bills and accounts payable. 
  • Helps you track your bills and set up reminders to never miss a payment. 
  • It lets you print checks directly from the software. 

Track Time

  • You can enter the time manually or let the software use an in-built tracking feature and do it for you. 
  • Helps you create invoices based on your billable hours. 

Manage 1099 Contractors

  • It helps you manage payments and generate 1099 forms when tax time arrives. 

Data Backups & Upgrades

  • Desktop Premier Plus backs up your data to the cloud automatically.
  • This ensures that your info remains safe and secure. 

Great Customer Support

  • You will receive prompt resolution of your issue, whatever it might be. 

What Are The System Requirements For Desktop Premier Plus? 

Here are the necessary system and browser requirements for Desktop premier Plus for windows:

  1. Windows 8.1/Windows 10 updated version (Supported by Microsoft Windows server 2012, 2016 or 2019). 
  2. Processor: 2.4 GHz 
  3. RAM: 4GB 
  4. Disk space: 2.5 GB 
  5. Internet connection: Recommended speed of 1Mbps 
  6. The product should be registered 
  7. Screen resolution: 1280 X 1024 or higher 
  8. Internet Explorer 11: 32-bit 

Who Can Use Quickbooks Desktop Premier Plus? 

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus is ideal for all those businesses that need advanced financial management capabilities. It is suitable for businesses with up to 5 users who need industry-specific features and advanced reporting capabilities. You get QuickBooks, a complete set of tools for all financial functions like invoicing, payroll, and other accounting needs. It is ideal for those who have outgrown basic accounting needs and now require more advanced features to manage their finances efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus is a desktop-based software and does not offer cloud-based access. Businesses can access their QuickBooks data remotely using remote desktop software or by hosting their QuickBooks on a cloud server.

Yes, the payroll feature is included in the QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus version. However, you will need internet access to access the online features. The new version of QuickBooks Premier lets you get a payroll of $30 per month. 

You own the data when you download QuickBooks Desktop subscription products. But if you cancel the subscription, you cannot access the software, but you can open your company files with your license. However, if your subscription expires or is reactivated, you can reopen your data files. You must export important information on reports before canceling the subscription. 

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