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Common QuickBooks Errors: Complete List And Its Solutions

QuickBooks is industry-leading accounting software for SMEs. It offers advanced accounting tools and functions to provide an all-in-one solution. Like every accounting software, you will get QuickBooks Errors in Desktop, Online, Enterprise, and other tools. These errors might be time-consuming and frustrating. You might face various error codes in QuickBooks.

Here are the details related to QuickBooks errors, leading reasons, and methods to fix error codes. But you will have to determine the type of QuickBooks Error. QuickBooks error codes are divided into three categories. Go through the entire blog to find out the leading reasons & troubleshooting methods behind QuickBooks script errors, QuickBooks technical errors, and QuickBooks accounting errors. You will also get a list of some common errors and fixing methods along with them.

List Of Some Common QuickBooks Errors

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting tools for small businesses. Go through the list to discover the leading reasons and troubleshooting methods for QuickBooks Errors.

QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly Error

The QuickBooks Migration Failed Unexpectedly error occurs when you try to move the QuickBooks data or company files to a new device. QuickBooks Migration tool helps you migrate the data. Intuit also offers a QuickBooks Migration tool for Mac. Go through the methods given below to fix the QuickBooks Errors:

  • Move QuickBooks company files to a new location.
  • Restore the old backup file.
  • Move the QuickBooks data folder.
  • Update the QuickBooks software.
  • Use Intuit’s Data Protect tool.
  • Manually fixing method.
  • Use expert service.

QuickBooks Query Processing Error

The Query processing error in QuickBooks arises when you try to create QuickBooks Invoices in desktop and smartphone applications. Follow these methods to resolve QuickBooks Errors in the Desktop tool:

  • Update QuickBooks desktop accounting software.
  • Launch the sample file and fix the error.
  • Copy the access files to a new location.
  • Stop the auto-launch feature for the QuickBooks desktop tool.
  • Delete and recreate QuickBooks user files.
  • Turn off account control for the user.

If you are facing QuickBooks Errors in your smartphone application, then follow these methods:

  • Change the data connection of your device.
  • Refresh the application’s data.
  • Update your QuickBooks application.
  • Restart your device.

QuickBooks Errors 6010-100

QuickBooks Error 6010-100 arises when you try to install or update the QuickBooks accounting software. 

Leading Reasons

Here are the leading reasons behind QuickBooks Error 6010-100:

  • Firewall or Antivirus settings.
  • Antivirus blocks internet access for QuickBooks.
  • If QuickBooks log files are detached from Network device files.
  • Deleted QuickBooks registry files.

Fixing Methods

Here is how you can fix QuickBooks Errors 6010-100:

  • Switch to single-user mode.
  • Rename the network device files.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Disable your firewall program.
  • Disable the Antivirus setting.
  • Use QuickBooks Database server manager.
  • Run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Repair QuickBooks company files.
  • Stop multi-user access.
  • Restore the QuickBooks Backup file.

QuickBooks Errors 6177, 0

You may face the QuickBooks Errors 6177, 0 when you attempt to launch the company files. QuickBooks desktop stores the path location of your company files whenever you create them.

Leading Reasons

These are the primary reasons behind error code 6177, 0:

  • Unable to use the path to locate company files.
  • Deleted QuickBooks system files.
  • Virus or malware attacks.
  • Corrupted company files.
  • Outdated QuickBooks app.

Fixing Methods

Follow these methods to fix the QuickBooks Errors 6177, 0 on your device:

  • Move the company files to another location.
  • Update the QuickBooks accounting tool to the latest version.
  • Run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Delete the network device files.
  • Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Review the access permission for the company file.
  • Update the QuickBooks accounting tool.

QuickBooks Errors 6000-305

You may encounter the QuickBooks errors 6000-305 due to corrupted or damaged company files. 

Leading Reasons

These are the primary reasons:

  • Incorrect network setup.
  • Damaged company files.
  • Damaged or missing installation files.
  • The company file is hosted on many devices.
  • Damaged or corrupted.TLG files.

Fixing Methods

Here are the methods to resolve the QuickBooks Errors:

  • Update QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Use QuickBooks Tool Hub and repair the file.
  • Rename.ND and.TLG files.
  • Restore a backup file on your device.
  • Customize Antivirus or Firewall settings.
  • Open the company file and repair it.
  • Review the folder permissions settings.

QuickBooks Errors 6129, 0

QuickBooks users can access the dynamic features on their devices. QuickBooks errors 6129, 0 generally arise due to database connection failure. You will get an error message “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

Leading Reasons

These are the factors responsible for QuickBooks Error 6129, 0:

  • The antivirus program blocks access.
  • Corrupted or damaged .ND or .TLG files.
  • QuickBooks does not define the path.
  • Invalid Windows registry files.
  • Improper shut down of your computer.
  • Domain and server do not match up.

Fixing Methods

Here is how to troubleshoot QuickBooks errors 6129, 0:

  • Rename the company file.
  • Move the company file to a new location.
  • Update the company files.
  • Create a new folder for QuickBooks company files.
  • Update QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Run Windows in the Safe mode.
  • Rename QuickBooks .ND files.
  • Use one domain on all devices.
  • Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.

QuickBooks Error 6147-0

The QuickBooks error 6147-0 occurs because QuickBooks cannot access the company files. The error code is related to the company files. It also occurs when you try to restore the backup files from any local system.

Leading Reasons

These are the main causes of QuickBooks error 6147-0:

  • A firewall or Antivirus restricts QuickBooks from connecting with the company files.
  • Corrupt or damaged network data & transaction log files.
  • Company file moved to a new location.
  • Outdated QuickBooks Desktop version.
  • Incorrect data on the company file.
  • Virus or Malware attacks.
  • Corrupted Windows registry files.

Fixing Methods

Here is how to resolve the QuickBooks error message:

  • Run QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Use the QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Rename .TLG or .ND files.
  • Rename QuickBooks company files.
  • Copy company file to a new location
  • Rebuild the QuickBooks data files.

QuickBooks Error 6073-816

The QuickBooks Error 6073-816 generates because QuickBooks cannot open the required company file. 

Leading Reasons

The possible causes include:

  • Damaged QuickBooks company files.
  • A firewall or antivirus is blocking network traffic.
  • Hidden, Missing, or Damaged transaction log or Network data files.
  • QuickBooks Database manager service is not running.
  • Insufficient company files access permissions.
  • Multiple devices have hosting permissions.

Fixing Methods

Here are the methods to solve the QuickBooks error 6073-816:

  • Use the QuickBooks file doctor tool and remove errors.
  • Turn on the multi-user mode.
  • Rename the ND & TLG files.
  • Restart your server and other computers.
  • Move the company files to a new location.
  • Unhide the Transaction log or Network data files.

QuickBooks Errors 6144-103

It occurs when multi-user hosting access is blocked in QuickBooks accounting software. The network descriptor file may not be able to fetch a specific path to the company file. 

Leading Reasons

These are the leading reasons behind the QuickBooks Error 6144-103:
  • Blocked multi-user hosting access.
  • File-path is wrong.
  • Corrupted user account.
  • Outdated QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Damaged or corrupted company files.

Fixing Methods

Here is how to resolve the QuickBooks error 6144-103:
  • Run QuickBooks file doctor application.
  • Update the QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Copy the company files to a new location.
  • Rename the QuickBooks company files.
  • Restore a backup file.
  • Use the auto data recovery tool.

Types Of QuickBooks Errors

You can divide these error codes into 3 categories:

1. QuickBooks Script Errors

Script Error in QuickBooks may be defined as the error that occurred while accessing the web page from the QuickBooks software. It does not let you use any other application that uses internet access. It also generates whenever you try to open a corrupt company file. 

Leading Reasons

Here are the causes behind the QuickBooks Script Error issues:
  • Due to deleted QuickBooks Account.
  • Wrong account details.
  • Corrupted company files.
  • Duplicate account quantity.

Fixing Methods

Here are the solutions to fix the script error in QuickBooks:
  • Clear the Cookies & Cache of your browser.
  • Reset the Browser setting.
  • Turn off the QuickBooks Script Error notification.

2. QuickBooks Technical Errors

QuickBooks errors are classified in the QuickBooks Technical error category if the error is generated through any fault or bug. It results in unexpected and harmful results.

Leading Reasons

Here are the leading reasons behind the QuickBooks Technical Errors:
  • Incorrect QuickBooks Setup.
  • Lack of attention while operating.


Here are a few error codes that come under the QuickBooks technical errors category:

Fixing Methods

Here are the methods to fix QuickBooks Technical Errors:
  • Update the QuickBooks Program.
  • Restart your computer or device.

3. QuickBooks Accounting Errors

It includes clerical errors, costing errors, auditing errors, payroll mistakes, compensation errors, and other mistakes while using QuickBooks accounting software. It occurs because the data is entered manually.

Leading Reasons

Here are the leading reasons behind the QuickBooks accounting error:
  • Auditing mistakes.
  • Payroll mistakes.
  • Calculation mistakes.


Here are some common examples of QuickBooks accounting errors:
  • Incorrect QuickBooks W2 form.
  • Incorrect COGS in QuickBooks.
  • Reconcile balance does not match up.
  • Incorrect Profit & Loss report.
  • QuickBooks Error 3140.

Fixing Methods

Here are the common fixing methods:
  • Match up on the reconciled balance.
  • Ensure that each entry is correct.

Common QuickBooks Errors Based On QB Versions

Generally, the errors arise due to 4 reasons:

  1. Outdated software.
  2. Damaged or corrupted company files.
  3. Firewall or antivirus settings.
  4. Connection issues.

Here is the list of most common errors based on their version:

QuickBooks Enterprise

These are the common QuickBooks errors in the Enterprise version:

  • QuickBooks Error H505
  • QuickBooks Error H303
  • QuickBooks Error H202
  • QuickBooks Error H101
  • QuickBooks Error 404
  • QuickBooks Error 1603
  • QuickBooks Error 1920
  • QuickBooks Error 3371
  • QuickBooks Error 6000-77
  • QuickBooks Error 6000-80
  • QuickBooks Error 6073
  • QuickBooks Error 6129
  • QuickBooks Error 6147
  • QuickBooks Error 6150
  • QuickBooks Error 6175-0
  • QuickBooks Error 6190-816.

QuickBooks Payroll

These are the QuickBooks errors on the Payroll tool:

  • QuickBooks Error Code C1304
  • QuickBooks Error PS036
  • QuickBooks Error PS058
  • QuickBooks Error PS077
  • QuickBooks Error 322
  • QuickBooks Error 2107
  • QuickBooks Error 6154
  • QuickBooks Error 9000
  • QuickBooks Error 12029
  • QuickBooks Error 15106
  • QuickBooks Error 15107
  • QuickBooks Error 15215
  • QuickBooks Error 15222
  • QuickBooks Error 15240
  • QuickBooks Error 15241
  • QuickBooks Error 15270
  • QuickBooks Error 15271
  • QuickBooks Error 15311.

QuickBooks Online

Here are the common error codes in QuickBooks Payroll:

  • QuickBooks Error 102
  • QuickBooks Error 103
  • QuickBooks Error 105
  • QuickBooks Error 106
  • QuickBooks Error 108
  • QuickBooks Error 121
  • QuickBooks Error 179
  • QuickBooks Error 185
  • QuickBooks Error 324
  • QuickBooks Error 429
  • QuickBooks Error 500
  • QuickBooks Error 504
  • QuickBooks Error 590
  • QuickBooks Error 1321
  • QuickBooks Error 1706
  • QuickBooks Error 6000-832
  • QuickBooks Error 7300
  • QuickBooks Error 9999
  • QuickBooks Error 12007
  • QuickBooks Error 12057
  • QuickBooks Error 15203
  • QuickBooks Error 15223
  • QuickBooks Error 15243
  • QuickBooks Error 61689
  • QuickBooks Error 176103
  • QuickBooks Unexpected Error 5.

QuickBooks Desktop

These are the common QuickBooks errors in desktop tools:

  • QuickBooks Error C44
  • QuickBooks Error C47
  • QuickBooks Error C51
  • QuickBooks Error C343
  • QuickBooks Error C1327
  • QuickBooks Error OL 203
  • QuickBooks Error OLSU 1013
  • QuickBooks Error 12
  • QuickBooks Error 61
  • QuickBooks Error 387
  • QuickBooks Error 392
  • QuickBooks Error 1601
  • QuickBooks Error 1712
  • QuickBooks Error 1723
  • QuickBooks Error 1904
  • QuickBooks Error 1935
  • QuickBooks Error 6000
  • QuickBooks Error 6000-83
  • QuickBooks Error 6000-95
  • QuickBooks Error 6000-301
  • QuickBooks Error 6010
  • QuickBooks Error 6123-0
  • QuickBooks Error 6175
  • QuickBooks Error 6176
  • QuickBooks Error 6189
  • QuickBooks Error 6209
  • QuickBooks Error 6210
  • QuickBooks Error 15101

Final Words

The article includes leading reasons and fixing methods for common QuickBooks errors for desktop, online, enterprise, and payroll versions. You may encounter these errors in QuickBooks accounting software. Call our experts to resolve the error codes quickly. 

MWJ Consultancy provides software support services for individuals and SMEs. Our experts deliver proper assistance for QuickBooks, Sage, Quicken, TurboTax, Xero, and other industry-leading accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perform these methods to learn how to fix QuickBooks desktop installation errors:

  • Download and run the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • Use QuickBooks diagnostic tool to fix the error code.
  • Update QuickBooks accounting software.
  • Repair company files or windows components.

Follow these steps to resolve the QuickBooks script errors:


  • First of all, launch the updated browser.
  • After that, click on the Gear icon to modify the changes.
  • Then, click on the Tools option to continue.
  • Moreover, locate and tap the Internet Options to proceed further.
  • After that, navigate to the Advanced tab.
  • Then, tick the checkbox next to the Display A Notification option.
  • Moreover, tap OK to continue further in the process.

Here are the reasons behind QuickBooks script errors:

  • Deleted QuickBooks account.
  • Wrong QuickBooks account credentials.
  • Corrupted or damaged company files.
  • Duplicate company files.

Perform these steps to fix the QuickBooks Errors in the Payroll tool:

  • Firstly, navigate to the Employees section from the dashboard.
  • After that, locate & tap the Void or Edit Paychecks tab.
  • Then, select Paycheck from the list.
  • Moreover, double-tap the Paychecks to edit them.
  • Afterward, go to the Memo section and fill out the required details.
  • Then, fill out relevant details to continue further.
  • Moreover, click the Save & Close option to update the changes.
  • After that, confirm your actions by tapping Yes.
  • Finally, restart the payroll software to resolve errors.

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