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QuickBooks Online: All Products, Prices, Plans, & Features 

Prudent accounting is one of the key aspects of a successful business, be it small or big. QuickBooks offers a variety of accounting products, from beginner-level to advanced. All these plans differ from each other in features and pricing. As a result, you can choose one as per your requirements. To help you pick the right accounting tool here, we are going to discuss four QuickBooks plans, their features, and their subscription plan

QuickBooks Online Simple Start

As its name suggests, it is a simple tool for those who are new to business financing or have a small business. This product can be used by up to 3 users. It offers cloud accounting for small businesses. It allows you to sync across devices so you can access reports anytime, anywhere you want. Some of the features this product includes are cash flow, mileage tracking, tax deduction, estimates, receipt capture, invoices, and payment, sales & sales tax, and others. 


QuickBooks Online Simple Start comes with a monthly subscription plan. The monthly subscription and devices compatible with this product are given in the below table.  

Monthly Subscription PlanOperating System


3 users compatibility

QuickBooks Online Simple Start allows 3 users to access the program simultaneously. So, it becomes easier if you and your partner(s) are using it at the same time. 

Tracks income and expenses

QuickBooks Online Simple Start keeps a pinpoint record of all of your business income and expenses. So you can take appropriate action to cut your expenses and increase your income. 

Maximize tax deduction

It works to automatically keep your expenses in the right tax category so you can have maximum tax deductions during the tax and help you save more of your earnings. 

Eyeing on sales and sales tax

It automatically calculates the sales tax for you. It also accepts payments and credit cards anywhere. 

Capture and manage receipts

You just have to take a photo of a receipt, and it will automatically categorize them and match them to expenses. 

Manage 1099 contractors

QuickBooks Online Simple Start allows you to stay ahead for all of your 1099s. At tax time, you can prepare your tax and file 1099s only from QuickBooks. 

Track miles

To keep track of how long your trips are, it uses the GPS of your smartphone. So, it can help you keep your business trips sorted. 

Send estimates

With the help of this tool, you can easily make custom and professional estimates that can build your confidence and easily convert them into an invoice. 

Use of QuickBooks Online Simple Start

QuickBooks Online Simple Start is suitable for anyone who is just starting to manage their business finance. Also, it is beneficial to use if you own a small business. With the help of this tool, you can stay ahead of your finance management. Plus, its simple user interface allows you to get everything at your fingertips. Every small-scale business owner that wants to have a robust bookkeeping tool without spending much money can consider QuickBooks Online Simple Start a google investment. 

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QuickBooks Online Plus


QuickBooks Online Plus is one of the most popular bookkeeping tools with a wide range of features. Consists of some smart financing features such as tracking time, tracking inventory, running basic reports, tracking miles, maximizing tax deductions, managing 1099 contractors, and others. With one subscription plan for this product, you can use it on up to 5 devices simultaneously. 

With the smart features of this app, you can keep a record of all of your projects in one place. This allows for checking the labor cost payroll & expenses. With QuickBooks, you can easily accept credit cards and bank transfers in invoices. This product helps you connect any number across multiple e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and others. 


QuickBooks Online Plus has got a plethora of features that make bookkeeping a child’s play. Also, the pricing of this plan comes in a yearly subscription plan at very affordable prices. 

The below table consists of the subscription cost and device compatibility of this product. 

Yearly Subscription PlanOperating System


5 users compatibility

With one subscription plan of QuickBooks Online Plus, it allows you to use it by up to 5 users. So, you can invite your accountant to check and send your reports without giving access. 

Connect all sales channels

If there are any online sales available, it connects to your QuickBooks account and syncs with it. Also, it helps you to match your payouts with back deposits and automatically splits fees, taxes, and revenue. 

Enter time

It allows you to enter the employees’ time and add it to the invoices automatically. Plus, it also helps you to check how much is the cost of each employee or contractor to your business. 

Project profitability

Get the full view of the project you are working on and get every detail you need in one place. With the help of clear dashboards and reports, easily track the payroll, labor costs, and other expenses with job costing. 

Easy bill management

This product helps you transfer money or pay online for free via bank transfer. You can also pay using your credit or debit card with a 2.9% fee. Its QuickBooks Business Network helps you connect with your vendors and automatically imports bills. 

Tax deduction and preparation

It easily manages your earning and expenses tax into the tax category. Share the access to your QuickBooks with your accountant and import the document during tax time. So you do not have to hassle when the tax time comes. 

Setup Guide

If you do not know how to do things on QuickBooks, then it offers you a free setup guide for you. QuickBooks experts help you with connecting your bank details and credit card. Also, learn about using QuickBooks so you can get the most out of it. Additionally, it automates the task you perform frequently.  

Enhanced reports

This product gives you instant reports of the sales, accounts, and payable reports to know how your business is doing. Additionally, you can make custom tags and run reports to see where you are spending money the most. Also, stay away from surprises by constantly checking the reports on the dashboard regularly. 

1099 contracts

With the help of this product, you can easily manage and stay compliant with your 1099s. You can assign a 1099 contract to assign vendor payment. Also, you can get a complete report of what you have paid, how much you have paid, and who you have paid. When it is time to file your tax, you can prepare and file tax right from here. 

Use of QuickBooks Online Plus

QuickBooks Online Plus offers cloud accounting for small businesses. It is a great tool for anybody who is looking for a simple bookkeeping tool with a plethora of amazing features. If you are running a small business with a few employees, then it can be worthwhile to use this product. You can give access to your QuickBooks to up to 5 people, including you. So, you and your colleagues can work together to manage the income and expenses of your business. 

Additionally, its simple navigation and smart features make this product easier to use for both novices and professionals. QuickBooks Online Plus is the best possible way to stay on top of your finances.

QuickBooks Online Essentials

QuickBooks Online Essentials consists of every time you get in Quickbook Simple Start. This product also has got many other awesome features that help you manage your finances thoroughly. It is a great tool that comes with cloud accounting, and that can sync across various devices. With the help of this product, it becomes easier to save money by having exact info about your income and expenses. 

With the help of QuickBooks Online Essentials, you can easily import your transactions from the bank, credit cards, Paypal, and other platforms. It also automatically sorts your transactions in the tax category. You just need to add the snaps of your receipts, and QuickBooks will add them to your existing expense. In addition, it connects with various popular apps and allows you to accept credit cards anywhere. It also calculates the taxes on your invoices automatically. 


QuickBooks Online Essentials comes in a yearly subscription plan like other QuickBooks Online plans. Also, the yearly plan of this product is pocket friendly and does not have any effect on your pocket. The subscription plan price and device compatibility are as follows-

Yearly Subscription Plan

Operating System




3 users compatibility

QuickBooks Online Essentials can be accessed on three devices that make financial management easier for you and your partner(s). You can also invite your accountant to give him a close insight into your business monetary. 

Free setup guide

If you have any issues, the Quickbook experts will help you get the information you need. Plus, it lets you connect your bank card details, set up the chart account and see your best practices. 

Bill management

Here you can make online payments and manage your bills in one place. You can choose the method your vendors get paid via contact-free direct deposit. It allows you to connect your vendors and import your bills via QuickBooks Business Network. 

Connect 3 sales channels

QuickBooks Online Essentials automatically connects with up to 3 online channels and automatically syncs with your QuickBooks. 

1099 contracts

Your vendor’s payments are assigned to 1099 categories. Additionally, you can check the payment history anytime you want. Right from your QuickBooks, you can prepare your taxes and file them without any hassle. 

Customize estimates

QuickBooks Online Essentials comes with the customize estimates features and converts your estimates into invoices. Additionally, it also accepts the mobile signature and sees the status of the estimate. 

Enhanced reports

With QuickBooks enhanced reports, you can know exactly how your business is doing and what improvements you can make to flourish it. You can keep a bird’s eye on the sales, accounts payable, and accounts receivable reports. 

Mileage training

QuickBooks Online Essentials tracks your trips by connecting to your smartphone. It also automatically tracks miles categorizing the business and personal trips. You get sharable reports on miles driven and areas where you can save some bucks when you are making trips. 

Use of QuickBooks Online Essentials

QuickBooks Online Essentials comes with various premium features at a very decent price range. This project can be one of the best investments for small business owners. Anyone can become worry-free about their business management and bookkeeping once they start using this product. It offers more than you need so you can get pinpoint details of every possible aspect related to your finance. Also, the best part is small business owners do not have to spend huge amounts of money as it can be their major concern. 

QuickBooks Online Advanced

As per its name QuickBooks Online Advanced consists of a large number of advanced features for managing the finance of small businesses. You get all the features in this product that are unable in other small business QuickBooks Online plans. This plan allows you to connect a lot more than 5 users. Apart from getting various basic features such as income & finance management, tax deduction, receipt capture, estimates, 1099 contracts, etc., it has got plenty of additional features. 

This product includes business analytics with excel allowing you smoothly send data back and forth from your excel to Quickbooks. It automatically backs up your changes, restores a version of your company, and views a version of the history. To get the most out of Quickbooks, it offers free online training. With its help of it, you can check what’s in trend, track products, and the cost of goods. 


QuickBooks Online Advanced gives a lot more things at very affordable pricing. The yearly subscription cost and operating system compatibility of this product are as follows. 

Yearly Subscription Plan

Operating Systems




More than 5 compatibilities

You can invite up to 25 unique users to work remotely. It also helps you send unlimited reports seamlessly among each other. Additionally, it allows making custom access to share the work securely without the need to sign in. 

Workflow automation

QuickBooks Online Advanced automates the task you are doing very frequently. You can set reminders for your transactions like payments, invoices, and deposits due to the dates. It also gives notification to the customers when they have received their payments. 

Exclusive premium apps

It is integrated with best-in-class apps such as Salesforce, LeanLaw, HubSpot, Centage, Docusign,, and more. As a result, users get top-notch end-to-end solutions. It tracks the data that are relevant to your industry. Help you allow us to use the functions and features exclusive to the QuickBooks Online Advanced. 

Employee expenses

Streamline your employee’s expenses by allowing them to add the expenses directly to QuickBooks. As a result, it saves a lot of time for other work. With the help of this product, owners can easily track and review all of their employee’s expenses in one place. Expenses are saved in one place, so you can access them anytime you want. 

Batch invoices and expenses

This product comes with batch invoicing that allows you to have to invoice quickly. It allows you to do less manual work by sending and importing 100+ invoices at a time. Additionally, you can enter several bills at once and check in just a few steps. 

Dedicated accountant team

You can get the best-in-class support with the subscription of priority circle membership. QuickBooks Online Advanced offers you a dedicated team of highly expert accountants that know your business goals and get the right resources for your business. You can book an appointment via call or email. It also offers the around the clock expert support to provide any necessary assistance. 

Use of Quickbooks Online Advanced

As we know, QuickBooks Online Advanced is packed with a large number of advanced accounting and finance features that can be used for small or mid-level businesses. Additionally, it allows the owner to give access to 25 unique users so they can work together to complete various tasks at once without interrupting each other. This plan is beneficial for anyone who aims to stay on their business expenses and develop their business in a short period of time. 

What are the system requirements of the QuickBooks Online plans?

The system requirements that are necessary to meet your devices are as follows-

  1. Operating system: Windows 10 or later/Mac OS X v11.3 (Big Sur) or later (This product is not compatible with Linux.)
  2. Processor: 2.4 GHz
  3. RAM: A minimum of 8GB and a 16 GB maximum are recommended
  4. Screen resolution: It should be 1280 X 1024 or higher. 
  5. To access its online features, a strong and stable network connection must be needed. 
  6. You should register your product first. 
  7. Must have the QuickBooks desktop app on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure to upgrade your QuickBooks Online plan is as follows-

  1. First, go to QuickBooks Online and sign in as company admin. 
  2. Then, click Settings and select Accounts & Settings
  3. Find the Billing and Subscription tab and click on it. 
  4. Next, make sure that your billing details are up to date. 
  5. Thereafter, head to the QuickBooks online section.
  6. Choose “Upgrade your plan.” 
  7. Lastly, complete the on-screen instructions and upgrade the plan.

Yes, you can easily learn how to use QuickBooks online and get most of it. QuickBooks Online offers a free guide where business owners can get extensive information about the tool and their functions. As a result, they can always stay ahead in their business management game. By the way, if you are already familiar with any bookkeeping tool, you can use it on your own as it has got a very user-friendly interface. 

QuickBooks Online has ample benefits for users. Here are some of the major features-

  1. Powerful assistance from customer service through online chat. 
  2. Share the data with your employees without any inconvenience. 
  3. It comes with the option to receive payments via credit cards. 
  4. The data is stored on the Intuit server, so there is no need for a backup. 
  5. It allows you to download credit cards and bank transactions nightly. 

With QuickBooks Online Advanced, you get to do more in lesser time with batch transactions. You will be able to handle tasks at a fast pace, even if the workload increases. Here are a few examples:

  • Legal Advice
  • Accountants
  • Customization 
  • Premium apps 
  • Support & training
  • Reporting & insights
  • Manage money & tax 
  • Professional services
  • Expenses & transactions 

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