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MWJ Consultancy works to help you in transforming your business in cash flow improvement, business process re-engineering, business intelligence, performance improvement, data analytics, automation, and post-merger integration. With our bookkeeping service, businesses can save on resources and even focus on competencies. We also provide a year-end finalization service that assists businesses in organizing and managing their year-end account. 

Selecting our individual tax preparations and filling services would be the best and most profitable decision you will ever make. Our team at MWJ Consultancy is expertise in handling the accounting system capital structure and data analysis. By consulting our services, you can achieve operational excellence. Depending on specific business needs, we give organizations room to customize the scalability and involvement. 

Our Services


Bookkeeping Service

The MWJ Consultancy handles bookkeeping, periodic financial statements, cash flow, and reconciliation professionally. They have a team of experienced professional accountants who will assist you in your bookkeeping services as per international standards. Their team stays up to date on the latest Accounting Standards and legal requirements and knows what the job entails. So why bother with the usual bookkeeping services when you can delegate this time-consuming task to them? Save both time and effort and choose MWJ Consultancy.

Year End Finalization Service

The MWJ Consultancy offers Year-End Finalization services because when it comes to year-end and closing accounting books, it is always messy and big at the same time. Primarily requiring patience, knowledge, and professional experience because completing Accounting tasks in an unprofessional manner can lead to organizational misdirection, MWJ Consultancy offers various professional account finalization services. It doesn't matter what kind of software you use or what industry it belongs to.

Individual Tax Preparations and Filling services

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Unforeseen events and updates often affect individual Tax Preparation and Filing. Filing your taxes yourself can be a daunting undertaking that leaves you with more questions than answers. It is too easy to overlook the deductions and credits you deserve, whether you like it or not; MWJ Consultancy accountants help you handle these changes and turn them into new opportunities with personalized tax return preparation and filing services. It will help you reduce your tax liability and help you achieve your tax and wealth-building objectives.

Professional Accounting Experts

At MWJ Consultancy, we professionally handle all your accounting needs. Our team of veteran experts works as per international standards and ensures that both your time and effort are saved. We offer a variety of services so that no matter what your accounting requirements are, it’s all available under one roof.

Why Choose Us?

Leading Provider of Accounting Services

We have been offering top-quality accounting services like bookkeeping, year-end finalization, and individual tax preparation and filing for more than 11 years. After serving 800+ accounting clients, a retention rate of 97% speaks for itself.

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