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QuickBooks is an accounting software package that was first introduced in 1983. It targets small to medium-sized businesses to offer cloud-based accounting applications. QuickBooks accepts payments and manages bills. QuickBooks provides a high level of scalability, flexibility, and capability. QuickBooks includes email functionality, marketing, mapping, online banking, electronic payments functions, outsourcing, remote payroll assistance, and remote access capabilities.


You can view the real-time cash flow with the help of QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks imports and categorize financial transactions by connecting your bank accounts. You can quickly scan your bills or receipts from the QuickBooks mobile application and save them online.

The QuickBooks invoicing feature includes payment reminders and invoice tracking. It allows you to access reports to manage your expenses. You need to provide some basic information during tax preparation and tax filing. It will ensure that everything is upto the mark with the guidelines provided by the government.

MWJ Consultancy ensures that you are following the rules and guidelines. We can show you the simple way to handle your business finances.

QuickBooks Online:

QuickBooks is a cloud-based service that requires a monthly subscription fee. You will get security patches updates and software upgrades regularly. QuickBooks Online is different from QuickBooks Desktop because it has other features from the desktop versions. You can use it in Android, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

You can also use QB Online with third-party applications like expense management software, payroll companies, and banks. If you want to use the QuickBooks Desktop data to QB Online, use the migration feature.



  • Inventory Management
  • Learning Curve
  • Third-party Application Integrations
  • Limited Account Users
  • Record-Keeping
  • Expensive Monthly Plans
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Double-Entry Accounting
  • Easily Accessible Information

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the widely-used small business management tools. It offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard. The Enterprise, Premier, or Pro version offers various features like Sales or Purchase orders, Invoicing, Inventory Management, Balance Sheet, Sales Orders, etc.

Small, medium or large businesses have a lot of financial work, and it is difficult to handle by a single person. Professional assistance is required for these tasks. Resolving the issue is economical and pocket friendly. Many businesses require an ERP solution to reduce the accountancy or financing load.

QuickBooks errors are common, and they can occur while performing any operation. There are many issues faced by users. The internet or firewall configuration is also responsible for triggering them. It can also affect the performance and productivity of your business.

Commonly Encountered QuickBooks Error

We help you in resolving the Update, POS, Banking, Installation, Payroll, and other errors. Here is the list of a few commonly encountered QuickBooks errors-

QB Desktop Error Codes

  • 80070057
  • Code 3371
  • QB H505
  • 6209 Error
  • H202.

QuickBooks Updates Issue Codes

  • 1328
  • 1603
  • 404
  • 15227
  • 15215.


  • Point Of Sale Unexpected
  • POS 1328
  • 3140
  • Multi-store Exchange
  • Invalid Product Number.

Banking Error

  • 9999
  • 106, 168, or 324
  • Code 1402
  • 103.

QuickBooks Installation Errors

  • Crash
  • 1642, 1603, or 1601
  • 1722
  • 3371
  • Code 1920.


  • Export To Excel 
  • Migration Failed Unexpectedly
  • Query Processing 
  • Sync 
  • Unrecoverable.

Why Choose Our QuickBooks Expert Services?

Like every other software, you might find glitches in the software. We bring the solutions to it. Our experts can help you set up and resolve QuickBooks issues. Our team is also available for proper assistance. Fill out the form or call us whenever you need help. We offer customized, scalable, and cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting service.

We have a team of experienced experts, accountants, and managers. MWJ Consultancy also offers the fastest solution to users. You will make better decisions after going through the listed points-

  1. Our experts will tackle any kind of transaction issue.
  2. Our experts can easily resolve the login issues.
  3. We take care of any banking errors.
  4. Our experts help users to resolve their queries.
  5. We are here to help you get started with QuickBooks.


QuickBooks is online accounting software that lets you run your business. It enables you to track sales, create invoices, send invoices, and locate the insights.  QuickBooks is easy-to-use accounting software, and you do not need to be a finance expert in using the QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks Online is also an online accounting software, but it uses the cloud platform to save the time of its users.

The QuickBooks assists you in-

  1. Budgeting & Planning
  2. Get a better understanding
  3. Keep track of your taxes
  4. File tax returns
  5. Customer & supplier management
  6. Create invoices.

QuickBooks is used for financial and business management. The QuickBooks accounting software includes tools for payment processing, budgeting, expense management, bank account tracking, reconciliation, invoicing, tax filing, payroll, inventory, and accounting.

You can install the QuickBooks trial version for 30 days with premium features. If you want to use the QuickBooks for free after the 30 day free trial period, install the QuickBooks Simple Start. It is a free version of QuickBooks. However, you will not get the advanced accounting features because it is missing a few premium features.

You will get the basic accounting features in QuickBooks Simple Start. It is a quick, free, and simple way to start using the QuickBooks software.

QuickBooks is one of the most popular online accounting software worldwide. You can easily manage business income and expenses. It allows you to create invoices for customers, prepare taxes, generate reports, and pay bills.

System requirements are given below-


  • OS- Windows XP or later
  • RAM- 256 MB
  • Processor- 1 GHz

Apple OS:

  • OS- 10.5 or later

Browser: Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer Internet Speed: High-speed internet connection is required.


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