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TurboTax is the best-selling tax preparation and tax filing software. It allows you to easily file state and federal income tax returns. TurboTax software guarantees the maximum tax refund with 100% accuracy. The software package is used for the United States and Canadian tax returns. TurboTax is absolutely free for those who:

  • Are not reporting medical expenses
  • Are business owners without 1099 income
  • Didn’t sell investments
  • Do not own any home or rental property.

TurboTax software updates the software to improve accuracy. The company also offers a maximum return guarantee from its competitors for the paid versions. You can use both the free and paid version of TurboTax for Mac and Windows.

TurboTax was originally developed by Michael A. Chipman, but Intuit acquired TurboTax in 1992. It is CRA-certified and the highest-rated tax-preparation software on the market. It provides step-by-step directions to fill out the form and file tax returns that suit your financial circumstances. TurboTax provides the most appropriate and reasonable tax package.

Choose the plan according to the table given below-




Basic Tax Return



Individuals with medical expenses


Mutual fund owners

Rental business owners

Home & Business 


LLC owner

TurboTax accounting software helps in tracking cash transactions and overall finance management. MWJ Consultancy believes that if you own a small business, start using the accounting software for your business. You can choose software that is inexpensive and easy to use. If you own a larger organization, then you will need more forecasting, insights, planning, and cloud-based activities.



  • Excellent software support
  • The progress bar is missing
  • Guaranteed Accuracy
  • Input time
  • Different Packages
  • Expensive
  • Well-designed
  • Industry Leading

TurboTax Common Errors

There are many issues associated with TurboTax. It also affects the performance of the accounting software. Here are a few errors that occur regularly while using the tool-

65535 Error

The error 65535 occurs while installing the tool on your device. You will not be able to install the latest tool on your device due to this issue. Restart your device and perform the installation process.


You may face it while attempting to launch the old company files. The error code also occurs while opening one or more state returns. Relaunch the software to fix it quickly.

 Turbotax 42015 Code Error

The possibility of Error Code 42015 increases if you are updating the software or using proxy connection settings.

If you are not able to resolve the error codes on your own, then MWJ Consultancy is here to help you.

Why Choose Our TurboTax Expert Services?

MWJ Consultancy offers cost-effective accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation & filing services. We have a team of experts to fix any issue. Our team can help you set up and start using the software. You can call us or fill out the form to get proper assistance. We assure you to provide the fastest solution.

Here are a few key facts about our services-

  1. We will resolve any banking or reconciliation issue.
  2. Our expert will help you fix login issues.
  3. Get instant help to fix any transactional issue.
  4. Call our experts to resolve your queries.
  5. Get a complete setup guide.


TurboTax is online tax filing and tax preparation software that allows you to fill out tax returns electronically. It has a Q&A-based interface that affects your tax status. TurboTax offers you proper guidance and tax preparation assistance whenever you are required. It looks out for the possible credits and deductions

First of all, create a new TurboTax online account for you. After that, complete the sign-in process and answer the questions that appeared on your screen. Then, fill out the required details. TurboTax will automatically find out the required forms to file tax returns.

The headquarters of TurboTax is located in San Diego. Michael A. Chipman developed it in the mid-1980s. After that, Intuit acquired TurboTax in 1993.

You can fill out your state taxes with the help of TurboTax accounting software by following these instructions-

  1. Create a TurboTax account and choose the TurboTax version
  2. Sign in to your TurboTax account and fill up the required details
  3. Navigate to the My Returns tab and select Form
  4. Fill out the TurboTax form completely.


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