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Xero is cloud-based accounting software designed to help small business owners monitor their accounts and collaborate with their accountants or bookkeepers from anywhere. Unlike some systems, it can quickly grow with your business, with the option for companies with only a few transactions each month. It is a widely used accounting software application with over 2 million customers worldwide.


Accounting is one of the essential activities for any company worldwide. Gone are the days when accounting was nothing more than a pile of papers. It has become more accessible and more compact with accounting software like Xero. As the needs of businesses change, Xero Accounting has become extremely popular in India. Xero is accounting software that simplifies the process even though it is GST compliant. While it is straightforward, it is always best to leave Accounting to the professionals.

The MWJ Consultancy recognizes that the Xero account is essential to your business and that downtime is annoying at best and unacceptable at worst. We prioritize calls from our valued support customers, and we recognize the importance of your request for help. As a result, we can do our best to coordinate a rapid response with the most qualified MWJ consultant or technician. We want to provide you with an experience marked by personal attention, empathy, and urgency. We regularly evaluate our performance and continuously enhance the quality of our processes and service. If you face difficulty working on any accounting software, you can refer to our software guide, not just Xero. 


  • Unlimited customers across all pricing plans.
  • Inventory management.
  • Complete reporting is included with every membership level.
  • Automatic bill and receipt capture.
  • Double-entry accounting.


  • No live phone support. 
  • Limitation on bills and invoices with the entry-level plan. 
  • No live phone support.
  • Bills and invoices are limited with an entry-level plan.

Common Xero Errors

Here is the list of some common Xero error codes:

Related To Contacts

  • 404 Message
  • 500 Message
  • Contact Has Been Archived.

Related To Publishing

  • Tax type code
  • Unrecognized GUID Format
  • Account Code Isn’t Valid
  • Line Item Tax Amounts
  • The transaction isn’t updated when republishing.

Related To Bank Statement

  • The document could not be processed
  • No valid statement data
  • Timeout error
  • There was a problem importing the file
  • Error when importing a QIF or QBO file.

Why Choose Our Xero Expert Services

It can be tricky to properly set up accounting software for any business if you do not know the basics of accounting. MWJ Consultancy can perform an initial setup for any size of business. We have a team of experienced and qualified accountants to resolve any emerging issue.

We can show you how to troubleshoot error codes. If you can not locate or fix it, please reach out to us for help. Here are a few factors about our services-

  1. We use it for accounting and bookkeeping every day.
  2. We have a team of experienced advisors.
  3. Consult through Email or Phone.
  4. Resolve your banking, reconciliation, and login issues.


Xero is cloud-based accounting software that allows automating your daily accounting duties so that you can focus on what matters the most to you. It was established in 2006; it is now a widely used accounting application with over 2 million customers. You can use Xero to import bank transactions, send invoice reminders and pay your employees with Xero Payroll and enhance profitability using Xero Projects.

Some of the advantages of using the Xero service: 


Unlimited customers: With Xero, you can add a total of customers to your account at each subscription level. Xero logs all customer's actions and compiles the history at the bottom of each transaction to keep things organized. The account owner can set the permission level. It is a notable feature for accounting software; the lower tier plans often allow fewer customers, and only the higher tier plans allow unlimited customers. 


Ability to generate multiple types of financial reports: Xero helps turn the data you enter into useful, actionable information at every subscription level plan. The dashboard shows long-term trends that include the average number of days it takes customers to pay you and year-over-year income and expenses. At the same time, another page devoted to cash flow offers a shorter-term outlook that describes how unpaid bills and outstanding invoices can affect your bank balance for the next week.


Time-saving tools: 

  1. Online Quotes- If you send an online quote through Xero, you can update it or add notes, and customers can see the changes in real-time, eliminating the need to navigate multiple versions of quotes. 
  2. Ability to convert Quotation to Invoice- Online Invoicing updates the new balance in real-time if customers pay in installments.
  3. Automatic payment reminders- Send them automatic payment reminders if customers don't pay you after a set period.

The Xero system is compatible with these browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11. 


From Mac to iOS to Android, different versions of Xero have other minimum system requirements. It may be best to use a current version of Windows; however, find out the minimum standards for your Xero needs here.

Cloud accounting tools are one of the most potent contributors to a company's day-to-day operations. Xero and QuickBooks Online software are two of the most famous accounting software platforms. With these systems like Xero or QuickBooks Online software, you can enjoy a crystal-clear view of your accounting, maximize tax deductions, and even more on top of tracking projects and schedules.


Most businesses require accounting features; Xero and QuickBooks Online are comprehensive tools that tick most boxes. Xero and QuickBooks Online software are optimized for small to medium-sized companies, so larger enterprises with more complex needs may struggle to tick every box. But for most small businesses, retail stores, agencies, and startups, there is a lot to like about both systems.

If Xero is experiencing any problems interrupting the service, visit the status page and check if it is a system-wide problem. If the issue is identified and resolved, this page will be updated; however, if nothing but a current problem list, then try these steps:


  • Clear cache and cookies: The first option to clear Error 500 is to clear cookies and cache. Doing so will ensure that unwanted old data does not occupy your browser. Clear cache and cookie data regularly to keep Xero running smoothly.


  • Log in to Xero again: Refresh the session if you log out of Xero by using the bookmarks in the browser. Log out of Xero, and log in using


  • Try a different browser or device, or see if other people are having problems:
  1. Ask someone if they see the same error prompt.
  2. Login using a supported browser system.
  3. Try to log in on a different computer or device.

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