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TurboTax Form 2210 Error: 4 Simple Methods To Fix It

While Filing TurboTax Form, you may encounter TurboTax Form 2210 Error. In case the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) rejects your application, you will receive a notification on your app. There might be various reasons behind the Form 2210 TurboTax Error which we will discuss further in the blog. It is also essential to know about the Form 2210 error code.

If your TurboTax software is missing any data, then you may encounter the error code. The error is also visible in many circumstances. It is a temporary error, and you can follow a few simple methods to fix TurboTax Form 2210 Line D Withholding Error.

What Is TurboTax Form 2210 Error?

IRS uses form 2210 to determine the underpaid estimated tax amounts and penalties of a waiver request. You may encounter the error while filing it with TurboTax. The main reason behind the error is that the IRS rejects your form due to incorrect or improper data.

Tips Before Fixing TurboTax Form 2210 Error 

Here are some important facts that you must consider before fixing TurboTax Error 2210-

Erase Structure 2210:

Here is how you can review and erase the 2210 structure from the software-

  • Open the Duty Account and review the checks.
  • Navigate to the Case section and enter 1 in the tab.
  • Then, click on the Expense Tools option and choose the Devices option.
  • Locate and select the Erase A Form option.
  • After that, scroll down to the Structure 2210 tab.
  • Follow the prompts and erase it.
  • Then, select the Proceed With My Return option.
  • Review your details and run the error check once more.

If the error 2210 pops up on your screen, then follow the methods listed below based on your condition.

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How To Fix TurboTax Form 2210 Error?

The error might occur due to an older version of TurboTax software. Update the application in order to get the latest updates and update your components. Here is how to update-

  • Launch the TurboTax application on your device.
  • Then, click the Online tab from the top menu bar.
  • Choose the Check For Updates option to continue.
  • After that, download the updates on your device.
  • Close the application and reopen the software.
  • Then, you will be asked to install the updates.
  • Click on the Yes tab and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Finally, check for the error code.

If you are still facing the Form 2210 Error TurboTax, then there are certain circumstances or conditions in which you might face the TurboTax 2210 Error. You will have to understand these conditions first. After that, you can follow the solutions mentioned below. 

We have listed the conditions in a categorized way to save you time.

Condition 1- Penalty On Your Payment

You may encounter the Form 2210 TurboTax Error due to a penalty on your payment. Follow these simple steps if you are a TurboTax Online user-

  • If the Part II Box A checkbox is showing the right tick and you deserve an 85% waiver, then you can not file the return electronically. You will have to perform the offline method. Print the IRS form 2210 and file the return through the mail.
  • You will need a waiver of your penalty explanation statement is required if-
    • You are asked for a partial or full penalty waiver
    • The penalty is without an 85% waiver.

In this case, you will have to get back to your Return tab and enter a statement.

  • You will not need a penalty explanation statement if there is no underpayment penalty. You can check the details in Line 17 of the IRS form 2210. In this case, head toward the Underpayment tab and make a few modifications and file the tax return.

Condition 2- Less Amount In Your Form

If you have mentioned less amount in your tax form, then follow these instructions-

  • Firstly, get back to the Return tab.
  • Choose the Other Tax Situations option from the list.
  • Then, locate and tap the Underpayment Penalties option.
  • Review your details and enter accurate details.
  • After that, follow on-screen prompts to continue.
  • If you get a Penalty Exceptions tab, click on the No tab.
  • Finally, enter the accurate tax liability.

Condition 3- Unexpectedly Received The 2210 Error

Follow these steps to get rid of the Form 2210 Error TurboTax-

  • Launch the TurboTax software and select the Duty Document option.
  • Then, check for the Error in your file.
  • Click on the Text Box and enter 1 in the tab.
  • After that, choose the Expense Tools option.
  • Navigate to the Devices tab to continue further.
  • Then, locate and hit the Erase A Form tab.
  • Open the form 2210 structure and delete the structure.
  • Finally, go to the Tax Return tab and file the tax return.

Condition 4- IRS Rejects The Form

You may face the issue after filing accurate details in the form. In this case, you can contact the TurboTax experts or get proper assistance from MWJ Consultancy. 

How To Fix 2210 TurboTax Error On Online Version?

If you are facing TurboTax Form 2210 Line D Withholding Error on your online software, then follow these simple steps-

  • Click on your Tax File from the dashboard window.
  • After that, review and check for the errors in form 2210A1.
  • Type 1 in the box and press enter.
  • Locate and tap the Tax Tools tab from the left panel.
  • Then, click on the Tools option.
  • Select the Delete A Form tab to proceed further.
  • After that, open the 2210AI form and delete it by tapping Erase.
  • Get back to the My Return tab and check for the error code.

How To Troubleshoot TurboTax Form 2210 Error ?

You can follow these steps if you are facing a 2210 issue on the Desktop application-

  • Start the process by Error Check.
  • Type 1 inside the given box and hit the Enter key.
  • Then, you will get form 2210 on your screen.
  • Go to the Form menu and change the form mode.
  • After that, relaunch form 2210 and tap on the Three Dots.
  • Choose the Erase or Delete option to continue.
  • Then, tap Yes to complete the Deletion process.


We have listed the several conditions and their solutions behind TurboTax Form 2210 Error. We hope that now you have a clear idea behind the occurrence of this TurboTax 2210 Error. To fix the issue on your own, please follow the steps listed above.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, then you can call our experts. MWJ Consultancy offers assistance to resolve the issues appearing on your TurboTax, QuickBooks, Quicken, and other accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions

TurboTax Form 2210 Error occurs while filing your tax return on TurboTax. It is one of the temporary errors that you may face while using the software.

You can fix the TurboTax 2210 error by updating the software. Most of the users face this issue while using an outdated tool.

The main reason behind the issue is incomplete or incorrect data. The IRS rejects the form due to missing details in your form 2210.

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